Here in the BC Okanagan spring is officially on its way.  The rising temperatures, longer days and that warming sunshine are enough to have us all poke our heads outside, reaching for the sun.

That includes the first wildflowers of the region. 

Sagebrush Buttercup (Ranunculus glaberrimus)

Sagebrush Buttercup (Ranunculus glaberrimus)


THE WINNER: Sagebrush Buttercup is just about everywhere.  Blanketing knolls overlooking the lakes and soaking up the sun the buttercup is the first to show its colour in our area. And where there is one, you are sure to find many. 



Close runners up to unfurl, are the delicate Yellow Bell and the fanciful Western Springbeauty.


yellow bell

Rare double-belled Yellow Bell (Fritillaria pudica)



Western Springbeauty (Claytonia lanceolata)

Western Springbeauty (Claytonia lanceolata)








 The sun is warming the slopes and the green haze of spring brings the energy of a new season.

We hope you are out and about, strolling, hiking, exploring the hillsides and discovering the signs of spring in your area.

What are your first signs of spring?

To help identify plants you encounter, check out BC’s online flora database: BC E-flora and the USDA Plants Database

Still stuck? Email us and we will help you identify your mystery plant.