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Wildlife Assessment

The assessment of potential effects of recreation, urbanization and resource development on wildlife can occur at site or landscape levels, however the tools and approach are largely the same. Field surveys are conducted to determine species presence and relative abundance, as well as to identify sensitive features such as nests, dens or mineral licks. Habitat inventories are completed to establish baseline conditions and predict the effects of habitat alteration or loss on target species/groups. Standardized methods are available for a broad range of species/groups that provide a credible and defensible framework for the assessment of potential impacts and development of mitigation and compensation plans.

Key Services:

  • Ecosystem-based habitat inventory and mapping
  • Wildlife impact assessment
  • Winter range forage selectivity and nitrogen fecal analysis
  • Wildlife suitability/capability modelling and mapping
  • Bird nest surveys, point counts and call playback
  • Track transects, pellet counts, browse surveys, DNA capture, aerial surveys, trail cameras