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Rare Plant Surveys

Provincially listed rare plant species include those that are present at low densities, occur in small disjunct populations, are associated with unique habitats, occur at the periphery of their ranges, or are in decline as a result of competition with invasive species, habitat alteration or loss. In addition to preventing species loss or extirpation, the conservation of plant species at risk may be associated with potential medicinal applications, heritage values, wildlife values and climate change. We have experience in conducting rare plant surveys throughout British Columbia and in parts of Alberta and Nunavut. We provide laboratory services and are supported by a comprehensive library and digital herbarium.

A well designed survey combines systematic sampling of the full range of ecosystems present coupled with directed searches of unique habitats. Noxious and invasive species are typically a target of rare plant surveys and identifying their occurrence and mapping their distribution is integral to invasive species management during development, which can save post-development costs.

Key services and capabilities in completing rare plant surveys include:

  • Expertise in the identification of vascular and non-vascular plants in western Canada and the Arctic
  • Species verification services
  • Expertise in ecosystem classification
  • Impact assessment and development of mitigation and compensation plans
  • Laboratory set up for microscopic examination, microphotography and specimen mounting
  • Post-processing GPS data and mapping search transects, species occurrences and distributions