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Fish & Fish Habitat Assessment


Standardized methods are followed to generate a basic understanding of stream and watershed ecology, from fish sampling to determine presence, relative abundance and community composition to habitat inventory, description and valuation. This information is used to inform resource managers, manage species of concern, facilitate environmental impact assessment in support of environmental permitting, to establish baseline conditions to support environmental monitoring programs, and to develop mitigation and compensation plans. Watershed based inventories support modelling for the purposes of predicting fish distributions, developing habitat sensitivity mapping for species management, watershed management planning, and land and resource management planning.

Key Services:

  • Standardized fish and fish habitat inventory at stream to watershed levels
  • Stream, lake and wetland surveys and classification
  • Stream crossing assessments
  • Fish sampling (electrofishing, snorkel surveys, spawner surveys, aging structures, genetics)
  • Total abundance estimates (mark/recapture, 3 pass removal)
  • Spawning surveys (habitat assessment, redd surveys, spawner counts, fry emergence)
  • Modelling (habitat suitability, stream classification, fish distributions,)
  • Impact assessment and mitigation planning
  • Habitat compensation plans and designs (channel, instream features, riparian planting)
  • Compliance and effectiveness monitoring programs
  • Aquatic invertebrate sampling and taxonomy
  • Stream and lake water chemistry