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Environmental Permitting & Monitoring

Our comprehensive environmental permitting services draw from expertise in science based investigations, knowledge and experience in regulatory processes and sensitivity to client needs. From conducting environmental impact assessments and collating the results into a form that will facilitate environmental review and permitting, to guiding applications through the regulatory process and providing environmental monitoring services we can provide the technical and management expertise needed. Knowledge of regulatory policy, best management practices, and expertise in erosion and sediment control, site isolation and construction techniques contribute to the development of effective environmental management plans, mitigation plans and delivery of environmental monitoring services. We have specialized expertise in the development of habitat compensation and monitoring plans, erosion and sediment control plans (including runoff calculations, sediment pond design) and on-site construction monitoring.  

We provide proponent support for projects subject to review under provincial and federal regulations including:

  • Canadian Environmental Assessment Act
  • Federal Fisheries Act
  • Navigable Waters Protection Act
  • British Columbia Environmental Assessment Act
  • Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
  • British Columbia Provincial Water Sustainability Act Notifications and Approvals
  • Alberta Water Act Codes of Practice Notifications and Approvals
  • Oil and Gas Commission and National Energy Board regulated pipeline projects
  • Metal Mining and Effluent Regulations
  • Municipal Sewage Regulation