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Environmental Impact Assessment

Our core strength is in impact assessment, from desktop scoping and technical field studies to compiling environmental impact assessment reports and navigating environmental permitting processes. Our technical expertise in fish and fish habitat assessment, wildlife assessment, ecosystem classification, and species at risk surveys provides a solid foundation for impact assessment and mitigation planning. Our established relationships with specialist firms round out our capabilities to address site specific issues such as geotechnical investigation, archaeological investigation, emissions modelling, land tenure and consultation. While environmental impact assessment for small projects may be routine, we are also experienced in project management involving large multi-disciplinary studies associated with mines, hydroelectric developments, linear developments, and new and expanding facilities that are subject to review under the:

  • Environmental Assessment Act
  • Canadian Environmental Assessment Act
  • British Columbia Environmental Assessment Act
  • Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
  • Federal Fisheries Act (incl. Metal Mining and Effluent Regulations)
  • National Energy Board Act