Acorn Naturalists - books, field sampling gear, aquatic invertebrate sampling gear

Bioquip – books, lab and field equipment

Forestry Suppliers Inc. – field gear, water sampling, animal traps

Wildco - invertebrate sampling gear, stream sampling equipment


Avibase – Worldwide bird checklists; query by country and province to generate a list

Bird Studies Canada – wide range of reports

Important Bird Habitat Areas in Canada

Collaborative Organizations and Programs

BC Hydro Peace Williston Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program – Northern BC projects and reports

BC Oil and Gas Research and Innovation Society (formerly SCEK) - Research to inform environmental and social matters related to oil and gas exploration and development in BC.

Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program – projects, reports

Cumulative Effects Management Association (Wood Buffalo, Alberta) – Multi-stakeholder group offering studies of environmental effects of industrial development

FORREX – collaboration of different agencies, publications (J. Ecosystems Man., Streamline)

Invasive Species Council of B.C.

Kootenay Lake Conservation Fund - Provides local financial support for projects that will contribute to the conservation of regional natural areas


Alberta FWMIS Data Fish Records

FishBase – Broad reaching fish information queries

Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Aquatic Species Details. Including popular sport fish, species at risk and invasive species.

Freshwater Fisheries Society of B.C.

Ministry of Environment – Fish Info BC

Flora & Fauna

BC Ministry Environment EcoCat – Ecology Reports Search Tool

BC Species Inventory Query

BC Wildlife Studies

E-Fauna BC – distribution, basic biology of vertebrates and invertebrates of BC

E-Flora BC – distribution, description and ecology of BC flora

Encyclopedia of Life – query any species for phylogenetic tree, basic info and links to reports

USDA Plant gallery – large site with 36,000 photos

Wild Species Status Search AEP. Database to general status of Alberta’s wild plant and animal species

Forestry and Land Management

BC Ecosystems Publications

BC Ministry of Forests Publications

BC Ministry of Forests – BEC Web – biogeoclimatic maps, classification standards

BC Wildfire Status and Information

Government Directories

Alberta Government Directory

BC Government Directory

BC Government calls are free when you use the government operator 1-800-663-7867

Environment Hotline 1-800-222-6514

Federal Government Directory

First Nations Information / Directory


Bug guide

Insect photo gallery

Mapping Websites

AEP Fish and Wildlife Information Management System

BC Agricultural Land Reserve Maps

Community Mapping Network – sensitive habitats, species distributions

Fish Wizard – fish information, links to other sites

Habitat wizard

IMap BC – popular for map building, fish and other queries

MOF Biogeoclimatic maps

Regulatory Guidance

Alberta Environment and Parks – Water Act, Codes of Practice, Temporary Diversion License, Forms and Guidance

BC Environmental Assessment Office

BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations – FrontCounter Services, First Nations, Licencing, LRMPs

Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Projects Near Water

Ministry of Environment – Best Management Practices and Guidelines

Resources and Inventory Committee Standards – Inventory methods for just about everything

Reptiles & Amphibians

BC Frogwatch

Tadpole key

Species at Risk

BC Ministry of Environment – page of links for species at risk and many other useful sites

BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer – main website for species at risk lists and reports

Canadian Wildlife Service – species at risk reports, legislation, links

Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC)

Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada - Status and reports

Identified Wildlife Management Strategy – approved Wildlife Habitat Areas, IWMS species accounts

Species at Risk Act (SARA) - Query for SAR and information by map selected area

Species at Risk Act (SARA) - Reports, SARA Act, links to related sites

Trails and Parks

Alberta Parks

BC Parks

BC Trails – mapping and trail systems

Trailpeak – search trails by location and activity to produce maps, trail details

Water Quality and Hydrometric Information

AESRD River Basins Database - water quality, flows and water levels, precipitation and snow pack

BC Ministry of Environment River Forecast Center

Environment Canada – Historical Weather, Hydrometric and Water Quality Data

Evironment Canada - Real Time Flow Data

Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Pacific Regions Tides, Currents, and Water Levels

Weather and Advisories

Alberta Transportation – Road Reports

BC Highway Cameras and Road Closures

Canadian Avalanche Center - Regional Avalanche Reports

Environment Canada Weather - arguably the most accurate, some historical data


Alberta Rivers - flood advisories, view all current surface water data for Alberta.

Alberta Wildfire - Wildfire locations; up-to-date information on wildfire conditions and hazard level, and report a wildfire.

Audubon Bird - browse the field guide, search for bird sightings nearby, log and list sightings.

My Moose - In response to a decline in BC moose populations, this tool The province developed the app in consultation with the B.C. Wildlife Federation and with financial support from the Habitat Conservation Trust. Citizen Science effort, it is used by hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to contribute moose sightings via the app or website.

Oceanwise - over 1,800 Ocean Wise restaurant locations, markets and supplier venues to help make smart, sustainable seafood choices.

PlantWise - a collaborative BC program that helps gardeners and industry understand which plants are invasive and harmful to our communities.