As we begin this new year we reflect on the past year and contemplate the one to come – and those beyond. 

It might not all be fly fishing in the name of science, though it is exactly that moment in time when the steps and efforts taken to stand in the river very worthwhile (fish or no fish).  And we are reminded of why do what we do.

2017 took us into areas we know well and saw us venture into new ecosystems and geographical locales.  Through it all we were fortunate to collaborate with many technical experts bringing new light and vision to over 25 unique projects.

As always, we had some fun and took in the landscapes around us (check out some of them here!).

Now in our fourth year with Cornice, we take pride not only in our accomplishments and the people we have served and collaborated with, but also the valuable lessons learned along the way.   While we each have been in the environmental consulting business for many years, Cornice as its own entity, provides us an avenue of continual learning, innovation, and reward.  Much lies ahead of us and we are excited for what is to come.

We also reflect on our intent to uphold the mission to do what we love to do and to find happiness in our work. For us that is the true meaning of success.

All the best to you and to great happiness in 2018! 

Jim and Robyn