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The Hub

The Hub for the latest news on Cornice as well as interesting tidbits related to nature and the environment!


Summer of Everywhere

Another summer comes to a close., and another busy one with Cornice. 


Looking Forward: 2018

As we begin this new year we reflect on the past year and contemplate the one to come – and those beyond. 

It might not all be fly fishing in the name of science, though it is exactly that moment in time when the steps… Read More

From the Flood into the Fire

This week, when winds gusted over 50 km/hr across much of Alberta and B.C., CEC was called to respond to a train that was literally pushed off a 200-m long trestle bridge spanning the Battle River, near Wainright, Alberta.  Read More

The Bugaboos

June 6, 2015 is International Trails Day.  In celebration of the 2015 Hike Season, here is one of CEC’s all-time Favourite Hikes into the Bugaboos. 

From trip planning resources to CEC Classic Flora and Fauna Factoids, there is something for everyone in this hike adventure…. Read More

Frog Blog

April is National Frog Month and here at CEC we think frogs and toads are pretty cool little critters especially when you think that they have been around for 200 million years and there are more than 6,000 species worldwide.

Obviously they are survivors and have… Read More

Spring has Sprung!

Here in the BC Okanagan spring is officially on its way.  The rising temperatures, longer days and that warming sunshine are enough to have us all poke our heads outside, reaching for the sun.

That includes the first wildflowers of the region.  Read More

The 2015 CEC Calendar Revealed

First of all, congratulations to Kevin Evans for winning the first annual CEC Calendar Contest!


Your participation in this first calendar contest ensures future years to come, so thank you to everyone who helped to make this contest such a success…. Read More

Salvelinus confluentus Curiosity Society Meeting

What do you get when you put 80-plus fish specialists and managers in the back country without cell service, wifi, or any ability whatsoever to connect to their day jobs for three days?  You get innovative and forward-thinking presentations that carry over… Read More

Rockbound Lake Hike, Banff, Alberta

Location: Banff National Park, 150 km west of Calgary via Hwy 1
Directions: Follow Hwy 1 west from Calgary for approximately 150 km, then turn right (N) at Castle Junction (Hwy 93 exit), turn right on Hwy 1A and travel 0.2 km to parking… Read More

Cornice Arrives In Coldstream, BC

Cornice was founded in Calgary, Alberta in 2013 but we have returned to our beloved homeland in British Columbia. We enjoyed our time in Alberta and experienced the backcountry by foot, mountain bike, snowshoe, skis, raft and kayak. We will miss the playground of… Read More