Cornice Environmental Consulting Ltd. believes that providing the best quality information to decision makers in a readily understandable and relevant manner is the most effective strategy in finding practical solutions to environmental challenges.


Our Story

We are a boutique company with great ambitions and passion for the natural world. We specialize in multi-disciplinary projects where we have the expertise to deliver or manage the work in collaboration with other specialists. Our strengths are built from decades of experience in managing and conducting landscape level resource inventory and impact assessment work throughout western Canada, the western USA, and Nunavut. Show More


Jim Trask

R.P.Bio., P.Biol.; Principal / Senior Ecologist

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Always with a passion for the outdoors, Jim has discovered that you can get paid to do what you love. Acquiring a diploma in Biological Sciences, Ecology Option from NAIT in Edmonton in 1986 led to opportunities with Alberta Fish & Wildlife to conduct pre-logging assessments, be involved with caribou and bighorn sheep capture programs, and work as a technician at the Arctic Institute of North America high Arctic research camp on Devon Island. Show More

Robyn Black

R.P.Bio., P.Biol.; Director, Operations / Senior Project Manager

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Following a lifelong passion for the outdoors, Robyn has enjoyed the opportunities her career has provided. Since graduating from the University of Northern British Columbia (1999) with a Bachelors of Science in Wildlife Biology, Robyn has had an adventurous career, from her work in offshore fisheries to coastal and interior ecosystems throughout Western North America.   As an Alaskan fisheries observer, she ensured regulatory compliance utilizing a variety of standardized sampling techniques and gained insight on the management of commercial fisheries. Show More

Our Goals

  • To deliver our work in an ethical and responsible manner and be accountable to our clients, professional associations, statutory decision-makers, and the public.
  • To empower individuals to explore, understand and appreciate our natural environment by providing information and insight on natural wonders that are accessible to all.
  • To be leaders in the management of our natural resources by always reaching and advancing our knowledge and understanding in a manner that can be shared with others in a stewardship or regulatory role.
  • To provide opportunities for professional development and community engagement.