CEC Popular Vote Photo Contest

Welcome to the annual CEC Calendar Photo Vote Contest!
We take the photos from our work and play. You create the calendar.
Vote! Win! Your vote counts.


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Contest Ended
Snow Ents
Evening Glow
Winter Lift Off
Mount Athabasca
Five Stamened Mitrewort
Mount Robson
Cinquefoil Mountain
Mist Glacier
Banded Alder Borer
Blue Grouse
Pyramid Mountain
North Saskatchewan River
Mount Kerkeslin
Sweet Flowered Rock Jasmine
Yukon Fall
Rearguard Falls
Beauty Creek
Waterton Park Falls
Rogue Wave
Winter Mist
Sky Race
Spring Willow
Roche de Smet
Ice Flowers
Collared Pika
Emerald Glacier
Mount Saskatchewan
Mount Chephren
Lipstick Cladonia
Wood Lily
Whirlpool River
Great Blue Heron
Sulphur Gates
Berg Glacier
Garter Snake

WHAT IT MEANS TO US.  At Cornice we are fortunate to live, work and play in beautiful places and are inspired to share those experiences. Through our love for photography we created a photo collection from the past year that represent the amazing places we have visited. From those photos, we make a calendar and then…we give it away! To our colleagues, friends, family, and people like you.  We do so in the hopes that we can encourage others to get out and explore beautiful places.

IT’S YOUR CALENDAR! But why pick the photos ourselves when those we want to share our experiences with the most can tell us what YOU want? So pick your favourite 6 photos to show us what inspires you!